Quartz Dream Catcher Wrap Choker

Quartz Dream Catcher Wrap Choker


This beautiful choker features:
- round braid, genuine natural leather cord
- a stunning wire-wrapped dream catcher pendant with a clear quarts stone in the middle and a matching large hanging quartz crystal capped in gold (electro gold-plated)

choker also we worn as a long necklace!

choker measures 12 inches with a 2.5 inch extender chain with a feather charm on the end

*The clear quartz crystal represents clarity of mind and spirit. It allegedly helps a user see a situation more clearly and objectively, and it may help him recall details. The quartz crystal is said to be an aid in opening chakras--also known as the energy centers--in the body. Quartz is especially significant in opening the Crown Chakra, which helps achieve spiritual consciousness.
Clear quartz crystals help balance emotional needs and desires. They can supposedly help a user find self esteem, and they can help fill other emotional voids.

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