Tibetan- Handmade Petit Buddha Hand

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Tibetan- Handmade Petit Buddha Hand


Just in! Tiny Buddha hand pedant - handmade by a silversmith in Tibet! *Limited Supply*

Varada Mudra- This mudra symbolizes charity and compassion. It is the mudra of the accomplishment of the wish to devote oneself to human salvation. It is nearly always made with the left hand with the palm of the open hand facing forward, and the fingers extended.

The five extended fingers in this mudra symbolize the following five perfections:

Meditative concentration

* Meditiating on this symbol can inspire compassion from the Buddha within us!!

This necklace is simple, tasteful and beautiful! I wear mine all the time! it comes in a very high quality 16K gold plated chain.

This necklace comes in two lengths, 16 or 18 inches. On the back is a small Om charm :) so cute!

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