Blue Gold Stone Cosmic Ring

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Blue Gold Stone Cosmic Ring



This stunning high quality ring features:
- gorgeous, sparking blue gold stone gemstone
- gorgeous crown prong setting

this stone literally looks like it was taken from the cosmos.

*Ring band is adjustable in size to fit any finger

Ring comes in 3 colors:
.925 sterling silver
.925 sterling silver base (high quality gold-plating on top)
.925 sterling silver base (high quality rose-gold plating on top)
**the ring in the default pic is the sterling silver.

*there is a .925 stamping inside the ring band
Ring will not change colors, or turn your finger green. This ring will last forever.
Goldstone is said to help attain one's goals. Goldstone is also said to help one stay calm and stabilize the emotions. It can be used as an energy generator and can deflect unwanted energies, making it used as a protection stone. It is also used for long distance healing and revitalizing one's energy field. Goldstone also has many of the metaphysical properties of copper, including in crystal healing lore the strengthening the circulatory system and strengthening bones.

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