Amber Fire Ring

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Amber Fire Ring



This stunning high quality ring features:
- a stunning, rare, man-made baltic amber gemstone
- a gorgeous crown prong setting

*Ring band is adjustable in size to fit any finger

Ring comes in 3 colors:
.925 sterling silver
.925 sterling silver base (high quality gold-plating on top)
.925 sterling silver base (high quality rose-gold plating on top)

*the ring in the default pic is in the gold.

*there is a .925 stamping inside the ring band

Amber is noted in metaphysics to give a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time. It is said to help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom. It is reputed to cleanse its environment by drawing out negativity, and to relieve physical pain the same way. It is used mystically to bring the energies of patience, protection, psychic shielding, romantic love, sensuality, purification, balance, healing and calmness to those who wear or carry it. It is considered a good luck charm for love and marriage.

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